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United Arab Emirates

P.O. Box 50655, Sharjah

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Fully managed print and fulfillment services in the Arabian Gulf

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United Arab Emirates

P.O. Box 50655, Sharjah

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About Us

Headed by a British Master Printer who has worked exclusively within the Printing Industry for over 40 years, we are fully conversant with all aspects of the various printing processes.

Our company also boasts the most advanced print quality available in the UAE –  with our standard resolution (Sheetfed Offset) of 300 – 350 lines per inch (OVER 4800dpi) offering our client’s a truly superior High-Definition printed result.

Having lived and worked in the G.C.C. for more than 20 years, we have extensive knowledge as to the assets available, as well as the skill levels and competence of individual printing presses.

When you trust your print procurement to mec you can rest assured that each and every project is fully overseen by us from beginning to end.

high definition offset printing machine

We prefer to let our clients speak on our behalf:

This is a genuine testimonial from one of our clients, illustrating the turn-key nature of our services and the end-to-end print management solution that we provide.

We have a deep and long-standing relationship with this client, which continues to grow and expand by the day.

“We’re a North American media company that was looking to fulfill a large order for comic books and other digital media in the Middle East.

Local printing made a lot of sense, but we were very apprehensive about managing from afar, maintaining our quality requirements, consistency and meeting our very tight deadlines.

We looked at many options and then met mec.

International Bulk Printing Services
quality offset printing press

They reviewed all creative and made adjustments to copy and graphics to make sure everything came out perfectly.

They managed various printing facilities to ensure our pricing was the most competitive available, and they leveraged their expertise to make sure our products (specifically fine art illustrations) looked brilliant.

They also worked tirelessly, including through the night and weekends, to ensure our critical timelines and shipping dates were met.

We now use mec as our primary global printing partner and print all our content in the Middle East for global distribution.

When I met mec, they told me they were my team in the Middle East and that our work was their work. They have done everything to live up to this standard.”

A. J

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