The Ability to Deliver

middle east creative is well aware that there is no point having timely production only for the shipment to be delayed en route in customs etc.

We have partnered with some of the major logistics providers and can advise our clients on the best way to deliver to some of the regions more difficult areas such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya etc.

We have different providers for Road, Sea & Air Transport and can handle the full logistics including clearance for door to door deliveries where required.

Recent projects have included the production and dispatch of over 140,000 Children’s School Text Books for the Syrian Refugees in the camps in Jordan.

Not only were we able to print, pack & dispatch in 4 working days, but with our excellent logistics team we delivered to the warehouse in Jordan in 10 days from receipt of order.

Quite an achievement even by our own standards.

truck filled with printed materials for shipping