Sheet Fed Printing (Offset)

Put simply, we understand sheet fed printing from beginning to end.

Headed by a British Master Printer who has worked solely in the Printing Industry for more than 44 years, we fully understand the entire production cycle.

Technology has transformed the quality of the final printed output, replacing traditional skills with the exact consistency of online scanning and measurement of ink densities and accurate monitoring of colour registration.

Our standard sheet fed printing resolution exceeds all other companies here and at 300 – 350 lines per inch (approx. 4800 DPI) we accurately refer to our printing as “HDP”, High Definition Printing.

As a fully integrated service you will also find our pricing extremely competitive also, by handling large volumes of sheet fed printing we are able to enjoy favorable pricing with our print partners.

In an extremely price sensitive market, any advantage achieved by our clients is a guarantee of our continued success, we call it added value.

Why not contact us, send a sample artwork and a few previously printed examples, without any fuss or drama, we will provide you with some copies produced by us,
after all – seeing is believing !!!

lithrone c40 machine for colour printed materials