Only our clients know exactly what should be kept
100% confidential

We all live and work in a very competitive and challenging world, companies spend enormous amounts of money trying to stay ahead of their competition.

At mec we have a simple philosophy, we cannot begin to understand the importance of confidentiality for any specific client or project, for this reason we assume the utmost secrecy on behalf of our clients for every job.

Whilst some customers find our refusal to conduct “on site visits” disappointing, most understand that when they purchase new items, a car for example, they do not get a factory visit to watch this being made.

Once we have observed and checked the output of plates in the Pre Press department, one of mec’s print managers will personally supervise the deletion of all soft copies of our client files.

The modern ISO press partners we use ALL have fingerprint access to every area of the press and full CCTV monitoring of the facilities at all times, for several of our clients we have waste shredding facilities in place for any press waste to ensure full confidentiality.

Case Studies
Whilst it would be beneficial to mec to showcase various clients projects as case studies, we believe this to be contradictory to the policies in which we are conducting business on behalf of our clients.

It is also impossible to demonstrate the effort and passion we put into our work for every client by simply showing case studies or hard copy examples of previous projects.

It is better for us to sit with you, discuss your own requirements, and produce exact sample representations of your own materials from your own artwork and source files,
after all – seeing is believing !!!